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Instalasi Emerald RadiusX

Instalasi pada sistem operasi Linux Debian 6,  Oracle 10 menggunakan software Emerald  Billing and Radius X.

Download emerald for linux pada situs Emerald. Ekstrak dan install :

root@radius-billing:/home/gtoms/emerald5# ls
emerald  emerald5_linux.tar.gz  emerdap  emernet  install_linux.cfg  install.pl  lib  portal  radius5  scheduler  sesmgr  syslogd
root@radius-billing:/home/gtoms/emerald5# ./install.pl

Welcome to IEA Software, Inc.  UNIX Installer v5

Select optional components to install from the list
by selecting the number of the option below.
Press ‘C’ to continue with the Installation or ‘Q’ to abort.

1.   [Install]             Emerald Server (v5.0)
2.   [Install]             RadiusX (v5.1)
3.   [Install]             Emerald task scheduler
4.   [Do not Install]      Emerald LDAP sync server
5.   [Do not Install]      Emerald Syslog server
6.   [Do not Install]      Air Marshal (v2.0)
7.   [Do not Install]      Emerald network data collector
8.   [Do not Install]      Emerald session manager

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